Are you running a traditional business and get this feeling that business is getting tougher as the years go by? Is this really just due to rising cost and bad market sentiments that is affecting your business today?

Trends come and go in the world of business – many as momentary successes that fade away over time. But some hang around and affect the way you do business. Those are the trends that you’ll want to keep an eye on and integrate into your own business if you see fit.


The Early Birds Catch the Worms

Transformations in SMEs are happening simply because changes in technology are offering better alternatives. If there are enhanced ways of going about things, there are opportunities to get a competitive advantage over your rivals. Keep an eye on what’s trending in the small business environment and be ready to adopt early and give your business that advantage over the chasing pack. Online communication, cloud storage and project management, and the emergence of the marketplaces and ecommerce web portals are all disrupting the ‘old school’ way of doing business.

Just like how telephone was replaced by the cordless phone and then the mobile phone today, communicating in business has moved on from the traditional office phone system. If you don’t make the switch to online communications services, you’re at an immediate disadvantage due to costs, flexibility and ease of use. Your business’ productivity and efficiency will likely be improving as the direct result of the way the traditional business model has changed.

The old traditional brand building is top-down, articulated by suppliers and fueled by message clarity and a deep understanding of consumers’ motivations. The new innovational marketing offered by technology are bottom-up, unpredictable, on the street—of, by and for the people. Can we strike a balance and alignment between tradition and innovation? MINT is the answer to this.